Craftsmanship and State-of-the-Art Technology

C & S Machine & Manufacturing offers modern, cutting-edge CNC machining and turning equipment along with highly trained and experienced machinists. Our diverse collection of horizontal and vertical machining and turning centers allows creating custom solutions for each of our customers’ unique needs.

We have the capability to machine complex shapes and difficult angles in a single operation minimizing handling time and tolerance stacking and ensuring accuracy and precision replication.


This machine’s stiffness and rigidity can tackle a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous and hard metal applications. The direct drive NC rotary table provides some of the fastest chip to chip times on the market.


This machine delivers high-quality machining from heavy to high-speed cutting. The live tooling, sub-spindle, and Y-axis features allow us to minimize work holding and work ops.


This high-precision vertical turning center features large turning capacities and can handle heavy stock up to 18” in diameter. The sturdy rib structure provides excellent vibration absorption.