Our Place In the Firearms, Aerospace, & Defense Industries

C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corporation is an established contract manufacturer. We are DFARS compliant and serve OEM’s in the aerospace, small arms, military, and defense sectors. Our manufacturing capabilities extend across a wide range of products, including suppressors, pistols, and various rifle types, alongside related accessories like flashlights, optics, and sights. With a robust presence in these sectors, C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corporation has proven itself as a reliable, US-based partner for our customers seeking excellence in manufacturing production.

Highest Quality Standards

  • ISO 9001
  • ITAR Registered
  • TYPE 07 FFL

Our advanced technology, innovative manufacturing methods, high-precision equipment, and strict quality control measures, are designed to achieve world class results for our customers. Whether it’s suppressors, pistols, or comprehensive weapon systems, our team of experienced and highly skilled machinists and engineers stand ready to deliver excellence, from concept to production.

What Makes Us Different Than Your Average Supplier?

C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corporation has an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We are renowned for our agility, ensuring quick and efficient responses to customer needs. The hallmark of our service lies in the quality we deliver, consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards. Punctuality is a core value; we pride ourselves on always being on time – a crucial aspect in the landscape of manufacturing. We are a 100% service based company. Unlike many of the companies in this space, we do not have a house brand or our own retail company to promote. Our capacity and capabilities are fully dedicated to our customers.

Partner with Us

For our customers seeking a full-service solution, we are ready to be a comprehensive partner throughout the entire manufacturing process. From receiving the initial designs to production launch, C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corporation takes a hands-on approach. We work with our customers throughout prototyping, PPAP approvals, and first article processes. This end-to-end support ensures that the entire product launch is not only successful but also executed on time. Need your beautifully machined or welded part or assembly Cerakoted? Yep – we do that too. By establishing strategic partnerships, C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corporation can help reduce costs and present full-service solutions that suit each of our customers’ individual needs.

C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corporation has a collaborative approach to design. This involves a meticulous consideration of tolerancing, finishes, fit, form, and function. By partnering with our customers, C & S Machine & Manufacturing Corporation ensures that the end product not only meets specifications but also aligns seamlessly with the customer’s vision. From CNC machining, to welding, to metal finishing; our comprehensive manufacturing process ensures the highest quality components, assemblies, and accessories for our customers.

Buffer Tubes

Cam Pins

Bolt Carrier Groups

Gas Blocks

Pistol Slides



Upper/Lower Receiver Components


Muzzle Devices


Charging Handles

Flash Hiders

NFA Items


Elevate your supply chain with C & S Machine & Manufacturing – a proud US based manufacturer.