Stand Out in the Marketplace

The chemical industry develops and manufactures an astounding array of products that affect nearly every aspect of our lives. The industry also handles a wide range of raw materials and regulated to rigorous safety and environmental standards. With increasing competition and stricter regulations, C & S develops machine and manufacturing solutions for our customers looking for innovative ways to stand out in the marketplace.

Quality, Safety & Performance

Much like our chemical customers, C&S prides ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company. They trust us to adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety and performance, and we always deliver. We also understand the cost of having a facility line down and are fully committed to turning parts around as fast as possible. Our business and reputation is built on fast service and fast response times. We have the capabilities to machine, manufacture and repair parts for customers across the full spectrum of the chemical industry including OEMs that produce:

Basic Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals


Consumer Products

Liquid Flow